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About us

We're the ultimate squad of tech wizards rockin' the cyber game. Picture this – we're on a mission to unshackle the internet, making sure you can roam the web like a free spirit. No more boundaries, just pure, secure online freedom. Our secret sauce? A cool network, CDN, and servers spread across the globe. We're here to smash those location-based restrictions, so buckle up and ride the cyber wave with us!

Who are our contacts?

  • Home Offices: Workspaces in homes
  • Smart Homes: Connected automated residences
  • SMEs: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • Traders: High speed and safe trade
  • Businessperson: Save connection information
  • Security Personnel: Access to Resources

these things we talked about are what most of our people are into, our services are up for grabs for any and all businesses out there. We've got you covered!

How it Works

The following steps clearly show how NetXpert works:

Step 1


Yo, linking up with the pros is key to snagging those priceless nuggets of wisdom. When you vibe with these folks, it's all about swapping ideas, getting some solid advice, and tapping into their know-how to up your decision-making game and amp up those results. Plus, teaming up with the experts can spark some out-of-the-box solutions and boost your professional game through trading experiences and knowledge. Let's ride that wave of collaboration!
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Step 2


buckle up! Only the cool gadgets in our inner circle get the VIP treatment from NetXpert. We're like the gatekeepers, keeping it tight with a list of approved devices. This way, we're calling the shots on who gets in, making sure your data stays on lockdown, and giving our customers a smooth ride. It's all about shutting down the sneaky ones and making sure only the chosen devices get to ride the NetXpert wave.
Some authorized devices

Step 3


Strap in, because when you log into the user panel, you're stepping into a custom command center. It's your own personalized playground where you can tweak account settings, dive into features, and throw down with platform functions. This super-secure gateway is the key to unlocking all the goods in the user panel. Once you're in, it's a breeze to check out your info and handle your business

Step 4


When you're sizing up our services, it's crucial to think about what your business or hustle really needs. We've got a lineup of services tailor-made to tackle different aspects and goals. Once you're in the zone, you can snag some sweet packages based on your turf. Grabbing these budget-friendly bundles means you're locking in access to a secure, no-cost internet.
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Here's the rundown on what NetXpert is dishing out to users:


With this service and the cool techy routing, you'll have internet access through a safe, speedy, and steady route. No interruptions in getting to geeky science, medical, programming websites, and more. It's a smooth ride to financial data platforms, both local and global streaming servers, and the go-to servers for hardware and software updates – all without any hiccups!

Free zone

With this, you can hook up your phone or laptop to your modem from anywhere on the planet, just using a local internet connection. Enjoy all the perks of NetExpert and tweak your modem settings hassle-free. No glitches accessing: surveillance cameras worldwide and Iranian banks even outside their usual geographic zones.

Net spot

It gives managers and business owners the ability to provide internet coverage in various spaces such as cafes, restaurants, offices, clinics, etc., for their customers. Access to: a management dashboard to control internet usage for users in different sections like: the amount of internet volume available for each user, internet usage time frame, and setting download and upload speed limits for each account.


Here's a list of our products:

One months

Band width : 200

User Connection : 5

Support hours : 24/7

Location : USA, Brasil, Australia, France, Sweden and so on

Safety protocol :


Three month

Band width : 500

User Connection : 5

Support hours : 24/7

Location : USA, Brasil, Australia, France, Sweden and so on

Safety protocol :



Six months

Band width : Unlimited

User Connection : 10

Support hours : 24/7

Location : USA, Brasil, Australia, France, Sweden and so on

Safety protocol :



One year

Band width : Unlimited

User Connection : 10

Support hours : 24/7

Location : USA, Brasil, Australia, France, Sweden and so on

Safety protocol :



Internet in the style of professionals

In the realm of netXpert, user trust is our goal. The stats below? They're the solid proof of the trust our customers put in us

Number of happy clients

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Clients satisfaction

We're all about serving the people, ensuring a secure and comfy internet journey for everyone. That's why we dive deep into user comments and suggestions, tuning in to make things just right. Check out what some users have to say below!

The services of netxpert are excellent! It has a high-speed and stable connection, and I, as a satisfied user, highly recommend it to everyone


Ceo & Founder

Using the internet services of this team was the best decision I made. Excellent features, high security, and outstanding support



The internet services of this network are truly amazing. I haven't encountered any issues with my connection, and the page loading speed is incredibly fast.


Store Owner

Since using the internet services of this team, my internet experience has greatly improved. The connection is stable, and the services are reliable



The internet service of this group is great! Very comprehensive features and ease of use. I am very satisfied. No doubt you will be satisfied too.



Covered locations

In the map below, you can see the areas covered by NetXpert